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Matt Barker Surfboards - As seen on Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe and the hit television series "The OC", Matt Barker is building Barker Surfboards into one of the most recognizable surfboard brands. No machined shapes here. Matt crafts each board from scratch - all by hand. From the shaping to the glassing to the airbrush and finish details, all the work is done by Matt. Check him out on upcoming episodes of "The OC" then try his boards.

Tim Bessell Surfboards - Tim shaped his first surfboard in his parents' garage when he was only thirteen years old. Only two years later, Tim began his professional surfboard shaping career when he began working at Sunset Surfboards. He was one of the youngest surfboard shapers at Sunset, but he was already making a name for himself in and around his home break of Windansea Beach in La Jolla, California.

Three years later Tim moved to Hawaii to prove he has what it takes to be a shaper on the North Shore. He began shaping custom surfboards for Lightning Bolt, one of Hawaii's premier surfboard manufacturers. In fact, Tim Bessell would later become one of the few shapers allowed to manufacture surfboards under the Lightning Bolt name.

In 1982, Tim returned to San Diego to re-open Bessell Surfboards. By 1987, Bessell Surfboards had grown into one of the largest surfboard manufacturers in Southern California.

Claude Codgen Surfboards - Claude Codgen was the East Coast's foremost stylist during the awakening '60s. An impeccable surfer and shaper, "CC" has been recognized by his peers as a member in good standing in the East Coast Hall of Fame. He started surfing at 12 and started Sunshine Surfboards in 1970 - the same year he went to Australia to surf in the World Contest at Bell's Beach.

Each board is hand crafted to exacting specifications. And nobody knows the breaks around Cocoa Beach, Florida better than CC.

Steve Ford Surfboards - Steve has been working in the surf industry since 1982 and has shaped for many big labels. Steve also owns West Coast Glassing, one of best color/glass shops in the industry. Steve is hands on with all of his boards to make sure each and every customer gets the quality surfboard they expect and deserve.

Steve is a classically trained illustrator and designer who surfed competitively at the amateur level until he was 35 years old. He still surfs almost everyday at his local spots - 85's and Seaside Reef.

Hamish Graham Surfboards - Currently residing in San Clemente, Hamish is a designer and a shaper of the highest quality. And having worked with some of the most famous names in the field worldwide, his standards of accuracy and production are unsurpassed. His ability to originate any style of surfboard, whether it's modern performance, short board, gun or longboard, he's considered to be ranked in the top few percent of surfboard designers worldwide.

Hamish has shaped boards for many of the world's top surfing professionals including: Rabbit, Elko, Darrick Doerner, Tom Curren, Joe Curren, Todd Chesser, Brock Little, Mikala Jones, Omar Etcheverry, Sunny Garcia, Sasha Stocker, Robby Sherwell, Jason Bogle, Pete Miller, Macy Mullens, Nick Carrol, Tom Rezman, Bane Wetzell, Team Rip Curl and Team HIC.

Jim Hanley Surfboards - Jim Hanley has been shaping surfboards for 40 years. That's right - 40 years. He established his own brand, Hanley Surfboards, back in 1967. And he has worked for Bunger, Vardman, Linden, Takayama, Local Motion...the list goes on.

Some of the most notable names in surf have ridden Hanley Surfboards including Clyde and Eddie Aikau, Butch Van Artsdalen, Eddie Fawess, Mike Doyle, Jeff Hackman, Ricky Rassmusson... Again, the list goes on and on. You too can live a piece of surfing history by riding a Hanley Surfboard.

Tom Nesbit Surfboards - Over 15 years ago Tom Nesbit founded Nezzy Surfboards. He grew up in San Diego California and has been surfing since the late 1960s traveling all over the world. As a youth he was constantly traveling up and down the coast spending great deals of time surfing in Baja. Throughout his life, Tom has been a craftsman. He's always had a great desire to work with his hands. This desire paralleled with his passion for surfing drew him to make surfboards.

Technology aids Nezzy in search for perfection. CnC Technology allows him to maintain consistency and precision that was otherwise believed impossible. The end result is top quality, high performance surfboards.

Todd Proctor Surfboards - Having started shaping in 1992, this resident of Ventura, CA refined his shaping skills while shaping for various tour and team riders for Lost Surfboards. He opened the doors to his own state-of-the-art factory in 2000.

From design to production, all Todd's boards are designed and produced within his factory. It's his commitment to the most advanced technology and his modern factory that allow him to produce individually specialized boards at a new level of precision.

Greg Sauritch Surfboards - Greg started shaping in 1965 making boards for friends and then friends of friends. He eventually shaped for Rip Curl and Rusty Preisendorfer before he started shaping under his own label. Greg discovered a young Rob Machado who rode his boards for several years along with his friend, Kalani Robb.

Greg has a very strong team as well as a large number of loyal, return customers.

Terry Senate Surfboards - This Southern California native has been shaping surfboards for over 25 years. If you can't reach him at his show room, try his favorite surf spot - Tressels - on his 6'8" Stinger.

Bruno Troadec Surfboards - Bruno started shaping surfboards in 1976 in Brittany, France. He shaped with Dick Brewer, Terry Fitzgerald (Hot Buttered), Peter McAllum and Ned McMahon (T&C) to name just a few. Counting only boards shaped under Bruno's own labels, "Plastic Machine" and "Bruno Surfboards", he has shaped more than 10,000 surfboards. A man of the world, Bruno has shaped in Europe, Hawaii, Australia and South Africa before to making surfboards in Southern California for the last ten years.

His team members include William Sue-A-Quan "Chino", Anthony Duarte, Tim Whelan, Guillaume Bourligueux, Hira Teaphoona and several local surfers.

Kent Senatore Surfboards - North Shore shaper Kent Senatore started making surfboards in the early 80's and has an impressive resume including shaping for some of the most influential icons of the industry. Over the years, Kent has shaped more than 5000 boards, all by hand. Since starting Tore surfboards in 1998, he's also painted, glassed, and sanded all of his custom shapes.

When he's not shaping you can find him surfing nearby Velzyland.

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