110% Return Policy

If you're unhappy with your purchase, return it for a 110% refund.

Not a store credit. We will refund your credit card for the purchase price and send you a check for an additional 10% (I sign the checks myself). To qualify, simply return the item within 60 days of receipt of your purchase. Items must be returned in new, unused and resalable condition and in their original packaging. We will issue a full credit upon receiving the item less any original and return shipping costs and we will send you a check for an additional 10% a few days later.

Why do we refund more than the purchase price?

Because we are very aware that you have more invested with us than simply the purchase price of your items. You have the time spent shopping, the anticipation of the product's arrival and the inconvenience of getting the item back to us. So the additional refund is our small effort to acknowledge your investment and help compensate you for the trouble of buying something that ultimately didn't work out.


Can't unscrupulous people profit from this policy?

Certainly. They can buy a $100 item simply to return it and pocket the $100 refund plus the additional 10% ($10 in this case) netting $10 minus return shipping charges. However, we think most people are honest. For those customers we suspect are profitiering from our return policy, we simply won't ship to them any longer. As this is our only protection, we must reserve the right to cancel any order we suspect of foul play.

There are three exceptions.

A restocking fee equal to 10% of the purchase price applies to any returned surfboards, surfboard bags, and wetsuits. The 10% restocking fee nets with the additional 10% return and makes it a wash.

So tell a friend. It's real. 110% refund on some of your favorite brands. Shop truly risk free.

Warm Regards,

Adam C. Swiecki

PS. I'm a veteran. If you are too (or are currently serving), contact us for 10% off your order. And check out our Military Support program.